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Frequently Asked Questions Update 09/04/2022

We've collected some frequently asked questions for you below, please feel free to email if your question isn't answered here.

  • You can email info at floodlandbrewing dot com with questions and if it isn't answered here we'll do our best to respond. We don't see DMs on instagram.

  • Floodland doesn't have a taproom, our focus is on bottle conditioned beers. Bottles are availabe from us every other month via online sales for in person pick up in Seattle. We do not normally allow proxies but occasionally we do charity raffles to allow you to have a proxy (ie: allowing someone else to pick up for you if you aren't local). Sign up for the sales list by registering at

  • Sorry, we aren't legally allowed to ship out of state. We were part of the effort to legalize in-state shipping several years ago, but we don't currently ship in-state.

  • The wait list became so long that it became prohibitive, so we now focus entirely on adding Oakworks members via charity raffles that we send to the sales list when the situations arise.

  • If you have a login here you are all set (unless you have unsubscribed, in which case please just email us at and we'll send you a resubscribe link)

  • You may have registered after the last sale and the next one hasn't occurred yet. If you registered more than two months ago your emails may get filtered to spam. You can search for how to add the email info at floodlandbrewing dot com to your contacts to avoid that happening based on your email provider. Otherwise feel free to email us.

    * If you are using the gmail inbox categories/tabs and the emails are going to promotions, you can help train it by dragging emails from Floodland to your Primary tab. That goes for any emails you want to see.
    * You can add the info _at_ floodland brewing dot com to your contacts. To do this from gmail, go to an email from this address, hover over or click on the email avatar to the left of the from name "Floodland Brewing" which will give you a little pop-up, then click "contact info" and then on the next page click "Add to My Contacts" at the top.