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Frequently Asked Questions Updated 06/23/2024

Please feel free to email if your question isn't answered here. If you haven't purchased bottles from us before the first question is a quick guide on how things work to help demystify the process (it's pretty easy). Bottles are available directly from us in Seattle and our only real rule is that you have to pick up yourself (no proxies). We do sometimes (usually once a year around July) have charity fundraisers to allow folks to use proxies, so if you aren't local feel free to join the mailing list and keep an eye out.

  • We don't operate a taproom, we are focused on making barrel-aged and bottle-conditioned saison which we believe are best from the bottle. We have online sales for pick-up in person in Seattle. We do not have beer for sale on-site.

    Our online bottle sales are every other month (during odd-numbered months) and are announced to our mailing list. To purchase bottles you must be signed up for that list.

    Each release is a set of usually 3-4 bottles available to be picked up over several days/weeks at the brewery in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. If you miss the pick-ups for that release we can offer extended cellaring until the next release, but we cannot cellar beyond that. Usually that is 12-14 pick-up days over 4 months on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. We are a very small operation and do not have bottles out for pick-ups on days other than what are listed in the Sale emails.

    When it's time for a sale we send out two emails. First we send an Advance Notice email that tells everyone when the pick-up days will be for the upcoming sale. We send this email ahead of time so that anyone who wants to take the time to read it can do so without worrying they are going to miss out on the sale. The second email we send is when the sale goes live. While bottles are usually available for several hours, they do tend to sell out the same day as the release. During the early years it's true that the sales would sell out within minutes. We've focused on putting all of our production efforts towards growing the public sales so that they last a bit longer. If you miss a sale, don't worry, there will be another one in two months.

    Pick-ups are usually the last weekend of odd-numbered months and the following weekend. We don't allow someone else to pick up for you (proxies).

    Occasionally we do charitable benefits to allow proxies, if you are interested in that just stay on the email list and keep an eye out.

  • Email info at floodlandbrewing dot com with questions and we'll do our best to respond in a timely manner, but please be aware we aren't a big company with sales and support. We don't monitor or respond to DMs on instagram.

  • Floodland doesn't have a taproom, our focus has always been on bottle conditioned beers, which we think are the best expression of the work we do. Bottles are available from us every other month via online sales for pick-up in Seattle (we're in Fremont near Wallingford/Stone Way). Sign up for the sales list by registering at and please see the first question in this list for a little primer on how to buy bottles (it's easy).

    Other than directly from us, our bottles are currently also available on-site at Houlme on Orcas Island, the new restaurant from our friends Jay and Jocelyn who used to run Hogstone.

    Bottles are also available for on-site enjoyment in Seattle at TOMO and on Lopez Island at Ursa Minor

    On occasion we have beer available on draught at other spots, if so we usually post about it on instagram.

  • If you purchase public bottles sales from us they are for pick-up at the brewery in Seattle (we're between 99 and Stone Way on the eastern side of Fremont). Each sale we send two emails letting you know what the pick-up days and hours are so you can plan ahead.

    We do a small amount of shipping to Oregon and Washington, because we have such a small staff and shipping is very time-intensive we limit that as an option to donors to our annual charitable fundraisers, so if you are interested please join the mailing list and wait for one of those.

  • We are currently only drawing new members from those who donate to our annual-ish charity fundraisers. We don't post about those on social media, we send details to the mailing list when the situations arise.

  • If you have a login here you are all set (unless you have unsubscribed, in which case please just email us at and we'll send you a resubscribe link)

  • We have a bottle log on the site which lists most of the recent beers we've released. The old bottles.txt now exists as a google document at

    We mark fruit and honey refermentations as well as foraged/botanical beers based on the harvest year and saison based on the bottling year (some of the early beers were labeled by release year).