Updated 10/01/2021

We have consolidated our two FAQs into one.

Floodland is a brewery in Seattle. The best way to get general news and information is to sign up for the news mailing list on floodlandbrewing.com. We don't send a lot of emails.

>> How do I find out about _______?
You can email info at floodlandbrewing dot com with questions and if it isn't answered here we'll do our best to respond. We don't see DMs on instagram. Don't believe any of that shit on facebook.

>> Where can I find your beer?
1, We do online sales for in person pick up in Seattle. No proxies. Sign up for the sales list by registering at floodlandbrewing.vinespring.site. More info on public sales below.

Public bottle sales are usually every 2-4 months.

2, Hogstone on Orcas Island carries bottles for on site consumption in normal times, but as of Labor Day 2021 they are open to-go only for the off season. Go there and get food and wine instead and we'll update when they are open for on site service with our beer.

>> Do you have a taproom?
No. We are focused on putting out bottled beer. We are not open to the public.

>> Where am I on the Oakworks wait list?
There's no easy way to determine this, sorry. The list is very long and we're focused on adding Oakworks members via charity raffle annually and doing public sales.

>> How can I check to make sure I'm on the sale list?
If you have a login here you are all set (unless you have unsubscribed, in which case email us) https://floodlandbrewing.vinespring.site

>> How come I am not getting emails anymore?
Most likely you unsubscribed.

>> How do the public bottle sales work?
We do an online sale of several bottles at a time via email for pick up in Seattle. During the early sales people would purchase and then immediately email to say they couldn't make the pick up days because they had purchased without reading. To avoid that we came up with a new process:
- we lock the list and send out an 'Advance Notice of Public Sale' email with the details and pick up days
- 1-2 days later we send out the sale email.

Locking the list means that if you register between the Advance Notice and the Sale you will not receive the email or be eligible for the sale. You will receive the next sale offer.

To purchase the bottles you will click the link to the Vinespring site in the email, it will show your "Allocations" page which will have the bottles if they are still available, and you can check out. Under "Delivery" during checkout select "Pickup."

After the sale, before pickups you will receive an email with our address and details on the beers.

>> Proxies
At this point we do not allow proxies for public sales. The sales sell out pretty fast and if we announced when sales happened and/or allowed proxies it would just exacerbate that. The purchaser must show up with ID. Don't use someone else's credit card. Don't put someone else's name on your purchase.

>> I signed up for the sales at Vinespring but I haven't gotten any emails, what's wrong?
Your emails may get filtered to spam. You can search for how to add the email info at floodland brewing dot com to your contacts to avoid that happening based on your email provider. Otherwise feel free to email us.

* If you are using the gmail inbox categories/tabs and the emails are going to promotions, you can help train it by dragging emails from Floodland to your Primary tab. That goes for any emails you want to see. 
* You can add the info _at_ floodland brewing dot com to your contacts. To do this from gmail, go to an email from this address, hover over or click on the email avatar to the left of the from name "Floodland Brewing" which will give you a little pop-up, then click "contact info" and then on the next page click "Add to My Contacts" at the top.  

>> When was this beer bottled/released?
We mark fruit and honey refermentations as well as foraged/botanical beers based on the harvest year and saisons based on the bottling year (some of the early beers were labeled by release year). Because the beers are bottle conditioned this means most fruit beers are released in the year following the fruit harvest. There is a log of bottles which have been released with packaging dates:


>> Why is your website text?
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